22 yo Friend-ship

In Case You Forget, Dib
2 min readJul 15, 2020

Few months ago I had already left the dorm. I’ve told you right? But it wasn’t the case. Neither the memories. Place, people, and procedurs, as mundane as well. I was excited with the left ones, the might of influences. Didn’t mean to be an influencer with this today of people judging.

Suffering from being an extrovert doesn’t make all thing batter or matter. Many of them would just suck and past. I was horrible at sensing people or read someone’s sign about what trully happened. As easy as feigning my own fake face. When you get used to be, it would be off-beated but wonted.

Only few people with psychological eyebrow or someone with sense of highbrow would like to understand the shape you are in. I met these representative of humans across my 22 yo. I thought they were fishy and mistrustful with their sneaking sense and my obvious preconceived. I was pushed to conceal my readability from being warm and friendly.

The fate wasn’t agree somewhat. We met in distinctive places for some unknown ways. She got her plate in front of mine. I was coercing my cozy nerve to being just as normal as well. The words just came out and the situation changed. Either closer, we had got much deeper words to take up.

People say I am in friendship. I didn’t really pay those terms at all. Implicating the feeling would generate a totally inscrutable. Being a customized extrovert as the pages said we do really need talk to people to being charged. Losing many of batteries doesn’t make any of consequence boundaries get expanding. So I was putting this theory behind my everyday playing.

Friend is a present. Greating them was privilege. Being friendly is meaningful. Getting some friends is purposeful. I don’t really need to explain all these everyday. Exposing them into the crowds. My heart is much susceptive nerves than eyes ever notice.

Wondering how far we could go. Or are we worthy for the trophy of glory. Being forgotten and lost in this vicious throngs just to know were we going wrong? I knew the feeling, believe me. Not even those hints will bring you true maps genuinely but yourself. Neither me, a friend-phrase.